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The AutoCloser Garage Door Closer

The Autocloser is a device that automatically closes your garage door if you inadvertently leave it open. Never accidentally leave your garage door open again! The Autocloser attaches to your existing opener and will ensure that your garage door will always remain closed. Numerous police crime prevention officers agree that an Autocloser is a must for every home with an automatic garage door opener.

The Autocloser functions by monitoring the garage door's position utilizing an infrared beam. When the device senses that the garage door is open, it starts an internal timer. Once the user-selectable time period has expired, Autocloser gives audible and visible warnings, and then closes the door. The operation of the garage door is achieved by connecting the device to the garage door opener wall button terminals. This enables the device to simulate the depression of the garage door opener wall button. A disable button is also provided to suspend the Autoclose feature when required.

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