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Super LCD Module

The Super LCD Module is an RS232 based LCD, Analog Input, Analog Graphing, Digital I/O, and Digital Temperature Sensor module. This versatile and easy to use component is sure to find a home in any control or metering application.

Key Features

  • Standard RS232 interface.
  • 24X2 Character LCD
    (20X2 and 16X2 also available).
  • Same height and width as standard 24x2 character display
    (for 24X2 module).
  • Eight 10 bit A/D converters
    (0-5v with other voltages available through configurable resistor network).
  • Eight Digital I/O
    (each output can drive up to 25mA, ideal for relays or LEDs).
  • Schmitt Trigger inputs on Digital I/O.
  • 6 different graphing modes.
  • Can graph up to four analog channels simultaneously.

Sample Screens

Sample of mixed mode with text and graphs

Sample graph of four analog channels

Sample of mixed mode with text and temperatures

Data Sheets

Setup and evaluation software may be downloaded from the link below. This software allows evaluation of various modes as well as setting of the default mode of the module.

Screen Capture


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