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Design Services

Xceltronix offers both turnkey and design-phase specific services. Whether your company needs a product developed from concept to manufactured product, or just an engineer to complement your in-house engineering staff, Xceltronix can provide the support you need.

Xceltronix is committed to providing quality service in the following areas:

  • Product design and development
  • Product requirements and specifications development
  • Hardware design with a emphasis on 'manufacturability'.
  • Printed circuit board with expertise in:
    • Noise reduction
    • High speed signals
    • Impedance controlled signals
    • Power supply layout
    • Industry standards
    • Gerber data generation
  • Fabrication and assembly drawing specification
  • Functional testing
  • Detailed firmware specification development
  • Firmware and software development
  • Complete hardware and firmware documentation
  • Management of FCC part 15/68 and UL/CSA approval process
  • System analysis and debug including
    • Performance analysis and enhancement
    • Defect analysis and correction
    • Testing for specification compliance
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Verification of design/idea viability
    • Cost analysis

Our engineers have experience in hardware and embedded real-time software development for a broad range of microcontroller and microprocessor lines and programming languages.

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