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A Few of Our Success Stories

Xceltronix is committed to providing superior design and support to every customer. Our diverse experience allow us to design and support a variety of products. Whether your company needs help with only a portion of a design, or you need a complete turnkey solution, Xceltronix is your best choice. Below are a few samples of Xceltronix design successes:

Deja View Camera
Xceltronix, along with clients AVIDWireless and DejaView, developed a revolutionary way to capture moments of your life AFTER they have happened! In the past, if you didn't have your camera in place at just the right time to capture life's crucial events, you missed them. Now with the push of a button you can capture what you just saw. For example, you are at your son's ball game and he just made his first home run, you just push a button and your son's home run has been captured in full motion video and audio. The tiny DejaView camera can be worn either on your glasses, ball cap, or pocket, and any time you want to capture the moment that just happened, push a button and the last 30 seconds of video are saved on a small SD card contained in the small hip pack.

Xceltronix designed the hardware and firmware for the MPEG-4 recorder which plays and records video, and allows any NTSC or PAL video signal to be fed into the device and recorded to an SDCARD. The SDCARD can then be played on a PC, viewed through the onboard USB connection, or played back in the camera (when connected to a monitor). As seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Positrack Camera Control System
The PosiTrack 30 is a fully integrated camera positioning controller, providing onboard control of camera pan and tilt, lens zoom, focus, and iris functions, as well as camera CCU setup and diagnostics. Onboard processing stores up to 255 presets, of which 127 deliver status data when queried. In addition, pan and tilt limits can be set by remote control and logged into memory. By combining precision mechanics, digital sensing and onboard intelligence, the PosiTrack 30 can perform synchronized presets by moving all axes to arrive at the new preset location at the same time. Up to 250 heads can be combined with multiple panels, sources and routing switchers that are linked by a four-wire control bus, fiber optics or through a LAN/Internet connection.

Xceltronix worked with the client to determine performance specifications, provided system integration consulting and designed industry standard-setting adaptive motion control firmware. Currently utilized by CNN News.

E-Token Portable Token System
This system utilizes the latest ultra-secure electronic technology to create a secure cashless system for coin-operated machine applications. Machine credits are stored in and redeemed from the E-token and can be moved from machine to machine, eliminating the need to dispense tickets and collect coins. Xceltronix designed the hardware, firmware, and accompanying PC software.

AutoCloser Automatic Garage Door Closer
This unique garage door closing device interfaces with a residential garage door opener and senses when a garage door has been inadvertently left open and automatically closes it. Using microcontroller technology and an infrared emitter/detector, Autocloser combines state-of-the-art intelligent operation with safety and reliability. Xceltronix designed the hardware, firmware, packaging, and is currently manufacturing the device.

I-Opener Subsystem
The I-Opener Subsystem works in conjunction with the Autocloser and provides convenient, ultra-secure garage access utilizing the revolutionary Dallas Semiconductor I-Button technology. The I-button keyfob is small enough to carry on a keychain, giving the user convenient garage access.

Serial Interface
Xceltronix provided a new and innovative approach to the customer's application that allowed the customer to significantly reduce their product manufacturing cost and increase their system reliability. Xceltronix developed the serial interface circuit board for the customer to provide industrial plant automation and control using a PC for supervisory control. The circuit board connects to a control PC through an RS-232 serial connection and utilizes a command, query, and control communication protocol. The board provides 192 configurable digital I/O signals available to the PC for controlling plant equipment or for monitoring plant equipment. Xceltronix designed the hardware, and provided production management services.

Industrial Automation Serial Converter
The Serial Converter device is utilized in plant automation applications and provides an interface between RS232 and RS485 products . This product was specifically designed to withstand over/under voltage scenarios, ESD, and even lightning, allowing the client to provide uniquely robust systems, while reducing system repair and maintenance costs. Xceltronix designed the hardware, and provided production management services.

Pulse Counter
An industrial automation device, the pulse counter counts either AC or DC pulses and displays them on seven segment LCDs. The device can count up to 30 AC pulses per second or 100 DC pulses per second. Xceltronix designed the hardware and firmware.

Onboard TrackMate Portable GPS System
The portable GPS device allows users to report latitude and longitude information. Xceltronix designed the hardware layout, developed an interface platform, and provided consulting.

Smoke Signals Individual Data Logger
The smoke signal data logger tracks the smoking habits of users and calculates a personalized quitting regimen. The device has a hall effect sensor, real time clock, LCD, push buttons, LED serial interface, and buzzer. Xceltronix designed the firmware, refined the hardware design, and provided design consulting services.

Cellular Data Logger
This device logs data from a serial interface and reports the data using a cellular interface. The unit is accessed through DTMF tones, and the data is spoken back to the user. Xceltronix designed the firmware, refined the hardware design, and provided system integration consulting.

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